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Richard Alpert

wise & very pretty

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This character contains explicit adult content.

I heart Jacob and the Island. I am always finely dressed. I will take your innocence in the Temple. I'll pistol whip bitches. I enjoy building miniature ships. I speak every language. I know everything about you. I can sense your specialness, or lack thereof. I'll play mind games if I feel like it, and you'll fall for it. My favorite accessory is my manpurse...and my belt. I have a sweet ass. I am pretty...FOREVER. I'm not wearing eyeliner, I'm just that awesome. I will kick your ass, but I'd prefer to just talk it out. I'll shoot you, but you won't shoot me. I'm awesome enough to take massacre the US Military and the DHARMA Initiative. I prefer to camp out rather than live in luxury. I keep my word. I do what I need to until you are no longer of use to me. Be very, very patient. I answer to Jacob. I run mysterious errands for him. I remember birthdays....or do I? I've seen a lot of things. And...I'm really fucking pretty.

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advising, always dressed nicely, being awesome, being mysterious, being really old, being stylish, being tricky, building ships in bottles, button-up shirts, camping, cartography, diplomacy, drugging people, foreign language, goodness, hiking, hunting and gathering, jacob, loving the island, my leather belt, never aging, not wearing eyeliner, pistol whipping, pretending to surrender, protecting, purging dharma people, sometimes being creepy, speaking latin, sporting gas masks, taking your innocence, the island, the temple, traveling, v-neck shirts, wearing nice watches